Unable to click/type into a popup window


After reading many topics/threads about how to handle a pop-up and trying out many different ways, I am still unable to click and type into it. I am using IE and UIPath version 19-06.0.

Scenario: I need to create user and when I click on “Copy User”, it opens a pop-up with no URL. I need to type in several information in the fields and click on “Finished”. My flow then stops and throws an error that it is unable to find the element.

What I’ve tried so far:

  1. Attaching a window and clicking on the element
  2. Attaching a browser and clicking on the element
  3. Recording and clicking on element

None of the above worked. Can you please help and let me know how to proceed?

Share your workflow or screenshot

Try using “Activate” activity which will enables you to activate the UI element

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Hi Parth,

Please see below.

Inside the sequence, I put an Open Browser activity and then afterwards it will search for a user. It works fine until the pop-up comes and the the flow stops with an error that it cannot find the element.


Thank you.

Hi keerthims,

Thanks for your answer. I tried using the “Activate” but it’s still not recognizing the element (pop-up). I’ve put it inside the “Open Browser” activity and also tried putting it outside but still doesnt work.

Thank you.

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I was able to make it work by editing the Selector and putting a wildcard so it continues to the pop-up window.

Thank you all.

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Hi @kimuhm
use Attach window activity and put click and type into activity inside it before that indicate the screen of that pop window foe attach window activity.


this worked for me… thanks

Hi I @kimuhm Can you plz guide me how did you do that? Its been almost 6 hrs I m trying to solve this issue

Hi Jasmine,
Were you able to get a solution for this?
Would really appreciate a reply.


Hi Kimuhm,
Could you eloberate your solution?
Where did you put the wildcard? In the app name?
Would really appreciate your reply.


Can anyone provide a step-by-step to resolve this issue either by entering a wildcard into the selector or using activate window. No matter what I try for this type of issue in Studio X, nothing works! Thanks!

Hi @kimuhm , can u help to guide on how to put the wildcard? Thank you.

Hello, Could you put more detail on how you do that?

Better to explore and get the reliable selectors using UI Explorer. There you can add wildcards (*) to the selectors and validate . If it’s valid you can use it inside the activities.

Still with normal activities if its not working, please go with computer vision activities.

Please help to attach picture , where you add wildcards

*** I used UiPath Studiox

You can check the below video to understand more about the dynamic selector usage.