Open IE with certificate

Hi Everyone.

I am trying to open a IE with a link, normally it need to click OK on the certificate to continue as below

My Project is below:

But UIPATH will stop with the open IE step and will not go to next step to click OK .
could you please suggest why?


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The open browser activity is running for some seconds and open a new IE session with the same link.

Is there an error message in output tab in UiPath ?

Fine use a attach window Activity within the open browser and the use click activity to click on ok

Or we can use send hot key activity until it reaches the ok with key as tab like use n number of send hot key activity till it reaches the field we want or if it reaches in one steps that’s cool

And once after reaching use another send hot key activity and use the key enter

Cheers @Michael_zhao

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No, it says Open Browser Executing, and some seconds later it open a new session .

simply close all the tabs, if it’s possible and then move with the executing of the process!!!

Hope this helps
Cheers @Michael_zhao

Hi Palaniyappan,

Thanks a lot the help .
Attach windows does not work .
It seems using send hotkey is an option, but the issue is, the open browser activity is running for some seconds and will open the IE again, that means it opens the IE for twice .
I do not know why it open IE for twice .


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Fine if we have installed the chrome extension kindly try once with chrome
Cheers @Michael_zhao

I try to use chrome, but it seems i can not indicator on the chrome elements .

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Kindly install the chrome extension
The we would be able to choose the elements

If that doesn’t work either kindly recreate the same process with open browser having IE as browser type and with send hot key activity

Cheers @Michael_zhao

many thanks .

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Kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Michael_zhao

many thanks for the help.

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