Reframework question

my question is from ReFramework

if we have 10 records in get transaction state and record number 4 is fail then what will the next state will go in reframework?

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in get transaction stage we will process only transaction at a time

Hi @priyanshu_Vatsal

Can you please be more specific in which state are you referring for the failure and what type of exception are you expecting.

If a Transaction fails in Process State of it is a Bussiness Exception then it goes to get transaction state and picks up the next transaction item, if it’s a System exception the flow goes to the Init State and the processes the next transaction.


Hey @priyanshu_Vatsal

Basically whenever a transaction fails, the execution goes from Process Transaction to Init state and from there the normal flow.

If you have opted for some retry mechanisms then the same transaction may be retried again else it will move to next transaction which is ofcourse no.5


Hi @priyanshu_Vatsal

Need some more details about your problem so will give more proper resolution .

But in general re framework if any transaction failed in process state it will go back to init state and from there it will pick next record no.5 or in case or retry mechanism it will take same record no 4 .