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When a system exception happens in the REFramework when the process goes to init state again, will the code in if first time block execute? Can you please explain with an example?

Also, how do I retry for 1 time with system exception and go back to next transaction?
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Hi @A_Learner

In REFramework, when a system exception occurs and the process transitions back to the Init state, the code within the “If FirstTime” block will not execute again. The “If FirstTime” block is designed to run only once during the initialization phase of the process. If an exception occurs and the process returns to the Init state, it assumes that initialization has already been attempted and skips the “If FirstTime” block.

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Thank you. What happens to the transaction number if it goes back. Does it remember the transaction number where the system exception happened and resume from there?


When a system exception occurs, and the process transitions back to a previous state the transaction number is not reset or altered. The framework keeps track of the transaction progress, and upon returning to the Process state, it resumes processing transactions from where it left off.

For example, if a system exception happens during the processing of transaction number 5, and the process transitions back to the Process state for a retry, it will again attempt transaction number 5 before moving on to the subsequent transactions

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Hi @vrdabberu
In the above context, when the process for the current transaction resumes, does it start from step where the error happened or start from step1 of the process?

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