How to process next transaction item if system exception occured in Process transaction

Hi All,

I m currently working with Reframework & data are coming from queue,

If system error encountered in Process transaction, Then I need to log the message as System exception occurred & I need to close all application & relaunch the application involved again & continue with the next transaction number.

Kindly, suggest solution for this scenario.

Thanks in advance.


The REF is expected to do that. Ensure you use the framework components as they’re intended to be. Do you need help in something specific?

Hey @nithya

Just make sure to add the Log activity on the Catch block inside the process state machine.

The REFramework will close the opened application/s and Reinitalize all application/s automatically.

Hi @MohammadAljaafreh

Thanks for your reply,

From process transaction Transition line is not pointing to Init state, Because after init I have added 2 more state, I dont want to execute those 2 states if system exception occured.

Attached screenshot for reference.