REFramework Issue

Hi All,

I am using REFramework to automate one business process and process structure is like this:

  1. Client will place all bank invoice files in “Input” folder.

  2. Bot will move one by one file from Input folder to Work in Progress and then process the invoice data and move it to completed folder.

Here, GetTransactionData state has all input folders and Process Transaction has WIP, Processing data and moving to complete folder.

If I will print just file names in process transaction state then it is processing all files under Input folder but when I do remaining things like moving to WIP, Processing files etc… then it is processing half of the files only.(IF 10 files are then it is processing 5 files only). After that process is stopping and showing process finished due to no more transactions but still some files are left under “Input” folder.

Could you please help me anyone in this. I am eagerly waiting for your replies.

Thanks & Regards,
Lakshman Ganta.

Can you check the transaction number.? there might be a possibility where you increment the value of TransactionNumber by 1 twice, hence it will be skipping one after the other.


TransactionNumber is incrementing 1 by 1 only. I placed input folder path code also in GetTransactionData state because of that it is skipping files. Now I placed that code in Init state and its working fine.


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