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I am working with the ReFramework. I am able to get transaction data from the 2nd Transaction Number in “Get Transaction Data” state, but unable to go on to the “Process Transaction” state. It says “Process finished due to no more transaction data”.

Anyone encountered such problem or have any solution? Please help! Thank you!

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@iceicecreme did you rest test data? once you run the process , you must reset the data in ACME System 1 web page otherwise it wont get the values because the status is set as completed.

thank you

show a screen of your GetTransactionData flow.
The issue is setting the TransactionItem due to which the flow ends with that message

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Hi! Thank you for your replies. I am integrating my own work (not the advanced UiPath assignment) into the RE Framework. I understand the use of the Transaction Number, but in my case, I don’t know how to fix the error.

I want the Transaction Number to be number of emails. Eg. run 1st email, transaction number will be 1; run 2nd email, transaction number will be 2. I have achieved this (shown in the log), but the data table of that 2nd email’s attachment cannot be passed into “Process Transaction” (shown in the error where “Process finished due to no more transaction data”). This is where my doubt and confusion comes in, and I don’t know why the 2nd email’s data table cannot be processed.

Please let me know if you need me to elaborate more on the process. Thanks!

Its fine i understand. but its the same process.

Im interested in knowing the below:

  1. Default value for your TransactionNumber defined in your Main
  2. In the screen above just a step below: Assign value of the out_TransactionItem
  3. Data type of your emails variable.
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  1. Default value of Transaction Number is 1.

  2. Assign: in_InvDetailsCSVPathDataRowArray = out_dtExtractedDataHTML.Select()
    (Data from the attachment in each email is extracted as a dataTable, thus the dtExtractedDataHTML is of dataTable data type. I didn’t assign out_TransactionItem above the if condition)

  3. Emails variable is type List.

Im confused. Can you share just your GetTransactionData xaml? or the screenshot from the top to the if condition branches?

After process.xaml in the success u have increased the count of the transition item.

Shaik Azmal

Actually the item assignment may be incorrect. If you are starting from 1 then 2 will not be there as it will be 0,1
So to verify if done correctly need to see the assign

The increment should happen automatically when using the reframework

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Hi Warsi,
If u not increase the trasnition item how the robots goes 0,1 it will not go it will struck at the 0 position only it will loop for only one time

shaik azmal

let me explain.
Using the reframework once you connect the process you dont need to manually increment it. it is handled in the SetTransactionStatus flow by default.
its done here in Process Transaction Finally:

and SetTransactionStatus flow:


Hi Warsi,
If u have Transition Item as datarow u have to increment as i have show above otherwise it will not run in loop

Shaik azmal

I think the difference here guys is that one of you is talking inbuilt Transaction ID of items in queue, and one is talking about the Unique Reference set for each transaction?

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I know its going off the topic, but same things here.
WIList(TransactionNumber) where transaction number is incremented by the SetTransactionStaus xaml i know its not automatic but already handled by the reframework :slight_smile: