Handle multiple Excel Files (DataRow) in ReFramework


What I have :
I am using Reframework, and I made all change to use ReFramework without queue :slight_smile:
It’s work great for one file.

What I want :
Process multiples files like I have already make with queue, but now “out_TransactionItem” is “DataRow” Type.

file1 → DataRow1 → process
file2 → DataRow2 → process

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  1. Create one more State in between Init and Get TransactionData states and named it as Read Input File.

  2. Read the input file and assign output to TransactionData variable. And then Bot will go to the Get TransactionData state and will read one by one item and send it to Process TransactionData to process it.

  3. You need to add one more Transition between Get TransactionData and Read Input File state.

    • If there is no data in the current file and any files found under Input folder then Bot should go to the Read Input File state.
    • If there is no data in the current file and no more input files then Bot should go to the End Process state.

Hello @laksman,

Thanks for you reply !

I would like to know, how to store all the datatable for each file.

Here what I have :
file 1 > out_dt_TransactionData
file 2 > out_dt_TransactionData
file 3 > out_dt_TransactionData

Get Transaction Data :
get out_dt_TransactionData of file 1 and not other file

How to handle all the other file in TransactionData ?

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Hi MasterSinge,

Is your problem resolved?
As Iam also facing the same issue.
Can you please help.