REFramework Using Files in a folder as transactions


I’m wanting to use files in a folder as transactions within the REFramework.
E.G there may be 7 .dat files, and each should be processed as a transaction.

I understand that the REFramework GetTransactionData state gets a queue item, so I would need to modify it to get the contents of a .dat file from the folder - I’m just unsure how I would make it iterate through the files for each transaction.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

Probably best to grab the folder paths of each into a list/array and each then becomes your transaction.

Your transaction item would then be a string with the io_TransactionData, i.e. the full list of folder paths, being an array type for example.

you can get folder paths by using for each loop and providing the directory.getfiles(“YourFolderPath”) argument.


each file path can then be obtained by passing the file info argument against each



Hi @andrewjames

@ronanpeter gave the best solution for your scenario. In your init state get the list of file paths to an array and pass it to the get transaction state. Using the transaction number get one file path and pass to the process state. In there you can do all the processing you need for the file.


Thank you - I’ll give this a go!

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