Arguments Does not Change

Hello UiForum,

I’m building a script using REFramework,

Everything goes well with the first transaction, when going to the following there is a Workflow that remain with variables from the last run.

In every of my invokes I linked the variable with an In Argument, inside the Invoked flow I did not assign it to any variable, do I have to?

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Yes, inside the invoked workflows, you have to create an in argument and link it to the argument or variable that you want to call in “Import Arguments”. Hope this helps! Please mark it as a solution if it does.

For passing values from one workflow to another we have to pass variables into invoke workflow “Import Argument” section.

Hi @mvelasquez,

You can use argument inside workflow, No need to assign it to variable.


When looking at the Import Argument I find out that I didn’t proper link the variable and Argument.

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