ReFramework for Dispatcher

Hi Team ,
i have crated a sequence for adding the data from excel to queue it’s straight forward method, But now my requirement is I need create the same process using ReFramework. i’m attaching the screenshot of my xaml file. Please let me know on the process also if possible share me the link of any video which does the same.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @naveenkumarr

have a look on the thread


Hi Gokul,
Thanks for the info, but my doubt here is

  1. I’m reading the excel in initialize state
  2. In get transaction data state i’m not sure what i have to do since i’ll read the excel and validations will be done in initialization state itself
  3. In process transaction state i’ll use add queue item activity .
    can we create like the above steps i mentioned? also pls let me know what can be done in get transaction data state or is it possible to keep the validations for the excel(datatable )in get transaction data state

Hi @naveenkumarr
You can refer the above thread. It will help you

  • In Transaction data we can keep the Add Queue item.

Refer the Document


Hi @naveenkumarr
You can achieve this in reframework by using transaction item as datarow. Here is a complete Uipath Academy course which can help you to build this.

If you have any issues let us know
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Rohan Goswami

Thanks roshan. will let you know once done :slight_smile:

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