How can I integrate adding items to queue in RE Framework before Get Transaction Data is executed?


I am using REFRamework to build a process. I want to add items to queue. I added this as part of Process.xaml initially. But I realise that the GetTransactionData.xaml looks for data from queue before performing the process.

I also have a challenge here. I want to add items to queue by reading multiple files and want to process data in one file at a time. Cannot bulk load data from multiple files to the queue by using single for loop.

How can I add logic to add items to queue before the Get Transaction Data step is reached. Also, the process.xaml should be run before i fetch data from next file to add to queue & process. Please advise. Thanks in advance.


Hi @anon24920977,

You can read all the files in the Init state during the first run (Config is Nothing If condition).
If all the files have similar columns, you can concatenate all the dt and loop them to add to queue, else you can iterate for each file to add to queue.
Then there is no need to change the framework and you can proceed with Get transaction data and Process states.
Hope this helps!
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finding a part before get Transaction Data would allow you to add the items to the work queue (e.g. Init State)

REF has the concept to reinit the environment in case of System Exeption. Here it would again adding the queue items to the Work Queue.

It is recommended:

  • separate the dispatcher and the worker (Process) into two different processes
  • OR ensure that you are handling duplicates in terms of items are not again added e.g. due it are already processed or still in the Work Queue to get processed
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Thanks for the suggestion @Udhay .
However I cannot concatenate all the data together because each file is to be processed separately and output to be emailed.

However I couldnt figure where exactly this addition to queue could be included in the REF.

Thank you for the response @ppr.
Could you help me further please. What do you refer as dispatcher and worker process.
I am a beginner to uipath, not sure if the above is basic. Appreciate your assistance.

Hi @anon24920977

Use this tutorial to understand the concepts of performer and dispatcher

It is tutorials of reframework done using queues

Hope you find it useful


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