Using REFramework to Dispatch

I am working on a project where I am taking an excel file, filtering to get the rows I need and then dispatching them to a queue in Orchestrator. I am trying to use good form and utilize the REF but I am apparently missing something obvious. I have all of my processing of the file contained in a sequence xaml. I added that to the process workflow. I went to all the areas and changed the TransactionItem to a string. When I step through the process I see that I am not getting anything from the GetTransactionData process so my process is basically beginning and ending.

Can someone give this new guy a hint? Thanks :slight_smile:

It goes to get transaction state in RE Frame work since it does not get any transaction from queue so it goes to no data transition and goes to exit loop.
And never goes to process execution state

Put your dispatcher sequence inside if first run inside init state and run the flow

After read ranging the excel file you will get the Datatable as the output, which you can do it in Init state.
Then pass that datatable to the get transaction state to the io_TransactionData argument which is of input-output type and inside that in if condition check in_TransactionNumber < io_TransactionData.count, if its true then do assign out_TransactionItem(Datarow type) = io_TransactionData(in_transactionNumber - 1) and in Else part out_TransactionItem(Datarow type) = Nothing.
Now that out_transactionItem is passed as input to the process state.

For my workflow I am opening Outlook, checking for email with attachment, saving that attachment, creating a dt from that file then begin processing steps. You are saying that all of that should be done in the InitAllApplications along with Open Outlook?

Thanks for the help