Read excel file and add all items to Queue using Reframework design

Hi Team,

I’m new to uipath and came across the reframework design. Now facing a problem that how to read the excel file and add data to queue by using Reframework with dispatcher steps.

My Process is as follows:
Dispatcher BOT Steps

Step 1- > Read the Given Excel input File
Step 2- > Add all the items from the Excel into Queue.

Performer BOT Steps
Step 1- >Get the items from Queue one by one
Step 2- > Go to URL
Step 3- >Click and type symbol/code received from queue .

Kindly let me know the process how to do automation by using Reframework.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @personal_mail,

For dispatcher process, do below:

  1. Use excel application scope activity and define file path there.
  2. Read excel file using read range activity under excel scope and save the output as datatable.

Once saved, you just need to loop through data table and keep adding values from data table using add queue item activity in the loop.

Alternatively you can use use Add bulk queue items activity here to add all items in one shot.

For performer process,
Use get transaction activity which is already defined in Reframework, you just need to update queue name there to fetch tnx from that queue.

And in process, you can read values for transaction fetched using
In_transactionitem.specific content(“use column value defined in queue while adding itne to queue”).tostring

For opening URL, use open browser activity and specify URL there.


You csn put this in the Init state, read the excel using Read Range
Loop through it using For Each Data Row
in the loop add the activity Add Queue Item, pass the data in collection whatever you want to send to queue

Then you can keep the Get transaction as it is for norm usage

In Process Transaction. just put the steps you want to perform with each item

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