Recording-tool having issues with some applications (LibreOffice etc)


First of all, I am a beginner with UiPath so the solution for this issue could be something very trivial but I did not find a proper resolution for this when tried to search old posts.

So I am trying to create some simple recordings in testing purposes via UiPath Studio but the problem is that somehow for example either the start menu in WIN10 or LibreOffice won’t work properly. High level replication steps:

  • Start Recording (either Basic or Desktop) in UiPath Studio
  • Click Start menu button of WIN10 > UiPath recognizes this but if I try to click any another icon in startup menu it does not work as while moving the mouse over the icons it kind of do nothing and if I click any icons nothing happens. If I stop recording and select Save & Exit it only saved the click of Start menu button, nothing else
  • Same thing with LibreOffice, if I click for example File when the recording is on it works but I cannot click any further, like Save As… and nothing else than clicking the File is not saved in UiPath,

But, if I test this with Notepad it works perfectly fine, meaning I am able to select Save as by clicking File-menu first and so on so it works as expected.

So, I probably am not able to explain this issue like should but I hope someone would understand what I am meaning for. Only solution for this I found was to run UiPath Studio as a system administrator but that did not work me.

Hi welcome to the community!
It is really not recommended to open applications the way humans do when using the recorder, as windows 10 menu is a real pain…
prefer this approach to work with applications and record only after you have it open:

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Thank you for your quick answer! I checked the link provided and got it work with Notepad but for example LibreOffice is still having some strange issues with this approach as well - I need to check that tomorrow when I have more time.

That being said, even I would be able to open the LibreOffice and if I click File (Tiedosto in my Finnish version of it, please check attachment) it shows whole menu like as one element instead that I would be able to click for example Save as… separately. And if I try to click it, nothing happens.

With Notepad this works perfectly fine so I am able to click Save as or another items in the menu normally and it (menu) is not recognized as one “big” element.

But, I am only doing simple exercises and it is not such a major thing to get this LibreOffice to work - originally I just thought that I am simply doing something very wrongly and that is the reason why it does not work.

every application can be different, but we can make them all work in one way or another, for that menu, you can either forget about it and use send hotkey with those keyboard actions (Control+S, Control+O,…) or use click text or even click image if nothing works…

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