Desktop recording: not able to select icon in start menu

Hi All,

I have just started learning UiPath. I am facing an issue while using the desktop recorder. I am able to click the start menu button with the “blue pointer” of the recorder but post that I am not able to select any content/icon from that start menu. There is no problem while clicking desktop icons, I am only facing this problem while selecting icons from the start menu. Could anybody please help me to get a solution for this? Thanks in advance.

My system OS: Windows 8.1 pro

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Is there any reason why you’re trying to access something via the start menu? Using an activity like Open Application would be alot better if you’re trying to load an application via the start menu :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response. Actually I was trying a scenario to access an application via start menu using desktop recording. Alternatively, I tried creating a sequence. There also, I am not able to click any icon on the start menu if I am using the “click” activity. Same problem is not happening if I am clicking that icon on the desktop.

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Have you been to figure it out? I have the same issue and can’t seem to get past it.

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welcome to uipath commuity buddy…! Thats a good question to start with…

Great…you can use send hotkey activity to navigate within start menu

but as @jcb suggested try to open application to open an app at any instance…
Cheers…hope this would help you

What do you mean by open application? I’m still stuck

Buddy @E_Ozeroff
We have an activity called open application in our uipath studio, with which you can open the application you want rather going to start and clicking the icon or even with desktop icon and thats not the best practice…
To open an application we can either use open application activity with input of your application exe file name say for example notepad, we will be mentioning as notepad.exe
We can run with command prompt by running the application in it…



@Palaniyappan thanks a lot and yes…I used open application to meet my requirement. Thanks to @jcb

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I’ve gotten past that. Thanks for helping me out. I’m learning about command prompt for now.

Cheerrs buddy…keep going