Reading Mails from SharedMailBox Outlook

Hi Team,

Facing an issue while reading mails from the shared mail box of outlook.

It worked properly and fetched all the emails as expected. but while running it again after 5 mins getting an error stating “the specified folder does not exist”
I am using the 1.3.0 version of UiPath.Mail.Activities.

Please suggest.
Thanks in advance

Are you reading unread mails or read mails in shared folder
Check this as well


can i have a view on the property panel of the mail activity
that should work actually as you said it fetched the mails at first
make sure that the outlook is running in background in the machine

Cheers @ronak_94

thanks for the reponse.

I will go through it

I am facing the same issue reading mail from shared mailbox, means i need to read mail different from my account in outlook.
can you please help on this in property panel-
account- mail account

Please take this on priority.