Read Item from the Queue

I have started learning UI Path and I have a question regarding the “Get Transaction Item” , I want to read each item from the queue and do some operation.
I want to know whether the output of this Activity is a All the queue Item or a single item from the queue, if it retrieves one transaction at a time , how do we add a loop to read a next item, also do we put an index like we do in simple “for each” or “do while” loop in java where in inside every loop we do i+1 to read the next item from the queue.
Your help would be highly appreciated

Hi @Chetan1809,
Get Transaction Item returns only one queue item, and there is no need to use for each or any other looping activities.
1)you just get a transaction item,
2)process it,
3)change it’s status using set transaction status
4)then get the next queue item from 1

that’s all.

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there is also an example in the official documentation:

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Thanks a ton. Really helped a lot