Get all Transaction Items from Multiple Queue Names from one Excel cell

Hi everyone

I try to get all the transaction item from one queue name that is inside an Excel cell which contains multiple queue names. (18.8 KB)
But somehow it will only read one transaction item from that queue and then it will pass to the next queue, and read only one transaction item from that queue. Is there any way I could read all the items in that queue until TransactionItem is Nothing? I attached the code, any help will be appreciated.



I can see that for each queue you have only one “get transaction item” action.

You have to do something like this:

  • Get Transaction Data
  • Do
    – Processing
    – Get Transaction Data
  • While Transaction Data <> Nothing

I have attached example based on your workflow. (18.7 KB)

Thank you this solved my issue, I think the do-while loop is what I needed, as well as get transaction item again. However, if the first queue is empty, then it will break at the first assign where I assign some variable to get the specific content from the queue.

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