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Do we need to use get transaction item in loop or no need?
Can anyone please explain it clearly?

Hi @Kiran_Kumar

I am not cleared with ur query

@Kiran_Kumar ,

Get item is there in the gettransaction.xaml. so no need to place it separately


I mean do we need to use any loop for ‘get transaction item’(for example,keeping the activity ‘get transaction item’ in the foreachloop) to loop through each and every item of the queue that we created in the orchestrator?

Hi @Kiran_Kumar
Yes it is necessary

Because Get transaction item will take only one queue item from queue wose status is New

so if need to get queue item continously u need to use loop until all the queueitem get processed or based on any other condition

For your reference check this workflowMain.xaml (10.2 KB)

I had made a sample of workflow which give u a good understanding

Mark it as solution if it resolves ur query

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