How to get whole transaction item from Queue

Hi Experts,

I can only get one Transaction from queue.
now i want to get entire transaction item from queue print into writeLine
Is it Possible?
please help me resolve this

1.Excel scope and read range
2.for each row
3.Add a queue item
4.Get Transaction item
5.Assign activity
6.Print into writeLine
Main.xaml (22.9 KB)

@Abubakkar How many Transaction items are there in the queue? Can you please show us the Orchestartor Queue and The output you get?

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@Abubakkar You can only get one tranaction item? As in , you get one item or are you able to get only “Name” from the Queue Item?

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We can’t print entire TransactionItem at a time.

But you can try like this to print it.

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Exactly, I want to get Name, Phonenumber and Age also.

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It’s working fine. Thanks @lakshman @supermanPunch
what should i mension in Transaction item = True or false?

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If i gave false in default value . It return the output only one transaction item.

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