Get Queue Item activity doesn't get all transactions

Hello. I’m using Orchestrator CE 2019.7 and I have a queue in orchestrator whose transactions are a list of different items(sent via api from another application). I need to get and process all items of every transaction and all transactions inside the queue. I’m using get queue item activity because get transaction item doesn’t process every single item properly. A foreach activity is working fine in processing every single item in the transaction but Get queue item is processing only one transaction at a time. I need to process all data. How should I set the walk through orchestrator queue to get all transactions? Ty very much. Main uploaded.QueueDifference.xaml (12.6 KB)

In my version, there is only Get Transaction Item and Get Queue Items.

Get Transaction Item will take the next available item in “New” state and changes it to “In Progress”. For this, you just need to create a loop until there is no transaction data or TransactionItem is Nothing

Get Queue Items gets the items (with additional info) based on criteria, but doesn’t start processing the items, until Get Transaction Item is used anyway. So I’m not sure if this method will allow you to process the item without the other activity.

However, like I said, I’m in version 2018 at the moment, so maybe you have other activities.

You can look over this on some info for the activities, in case it helps: