Read from excel

hi guys I hope you are doing fine
I need help read data from excel I want to read from cells but the cells in the middle of the excel file I need to get data from this cells depands on the id example culomn H K under culmon H in the middle on the sheet the is world “campanyid” under this there is ID like A1 A2 A3 the A1 has value like 12345 I want to get this value the values under column K I hope you understand what I mean please help me :smile:

Can you please upload your excel file or attach a screenshot?
It will give a clear idea, what you are trying to do.


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Just do read range with cell value as C856 and store in Datatable
Now try to print this Datatable in excel and see that whether the data you can find in a tabular form.
If yes then just read the column Tax and Column Result from the data table and perform your latter steps.

yes it works when I read cell like C856 but I do want to depend on specific cell because every time could change but name will not change

Does the table you are looking for always start 2 rows under the words “Balance of all company codes”? And is that always going to be in column C?

If so, you can read range for the sheet to put into a datatable, get the row number above by looking in column C for the specified string, then create a new datatable starting at the new row number you’ve identified. This allows you to use the column headers for “ID” and “RESULT” to get the values you are looking for

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thank you so much for this idea as you said data always start 2 rows under the words “Balance of all company codes”? And is that always going to be in column C but how can I get row number which activity shall I use and what activity to create database please I am new with uipath if you do not mind could you make an example for me

I’d highly recommend going through the UiPath academy at At the very least, you should work through the Level 1 Foundation training, which will answer all of the questions you’re asking. It will be very beneficial for you to work through the training, as things such as reading an excel file, storing info into a data table, and manipulating info from that data table are some of the basic functionalities of RPA that you will be using for many different processes. It’s very important to learn how to do these on your own instead of relying on step-by-step instructions. It will vastly increase your RPA knowledge and be immensely helpful.

If you ever get stuck at a certain point or have specific questions about why something isn’t working, we are more than happy to help as long as you show you put forth the effort to at least make an attempt.

As a hint if you’re short on time for this specific project: You’ll want to focus on Lesson 9: Excel & Data Tables (Automating Complex Excel Processes and Data Table through RPA #UiP - YouTube), and possibly Lesson 3: Data Manipulation (UiPath Essentials Training - 3 4 Data Manipulation - YouTube). The videos I linked are only part of what you’ll get in the UiPath Academy, but just watch them to get a brief overview/summary of the topic