Excel read range - table

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I have a very simple question which i am unable to solve atm. I am trying to read the entire sheet and convert it to a datatable. However, the excel table starts at the second row. I want to use the information in that sheet for another program. how do i make sure i only read the range for the table and not for the information above in the first row that is not necessary (i want to use the table headers to input into the program).

Additionally, i have another issue. The excel file contains two tables. I would like to create a datatable for two tables.The second table is located 3 rows below the first table. How do i read the range of the second table (please note that it is dynamic so it is not always 3 rows below the first table).

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please show the excel file.

If you have table names for both the tables in excel, you can use get table range activity under Uipath.Excel.Activities,

if not
only work around is loop through the rows on A column with counter variable and give range dynamically like “A”+RowCount