Find out the starting of data in excel

Hi All,

Need some urgent help, would be grateful if any solutions can be given.
My problem statement is:
Suppose there is a excel in which their is data which starts from A6, when i receive the same excel next month data starts from A12 , when i receive it next month it starts from A1.

My problem is the starting range of the data is dynamic it can start from anywhere as i told above A6,A12,A1 etc.

can anyone guide how to find in excel using uipath from where does the data start in excel so that i can read it using read range and perform my job.

Looking for answers.

Thankyou !!

Hi @Shikhar_Tandon

Can you share the excel or Screenshot?

@ppr can you help in this ?

Is your Starting cell contains same value for every times?
If yes then use LookUp range
And find that word
It will give u the cell reference
Then u can use it in read range as starting range


some more info / screenshot would be helpfully. Let me answer in a general way

if rows are blank before data is starting no blank rows are needed within the data then filter datatable can help. Afterwards the column names can be corrected with e.g. yourDataTableVar.Columns(“ColName”).ColumnName = “NewName”
Sure other options / approaches (e.g. Skip / Take) are possible as well.

the suggested way of Calculating the Range in advance would be the first start as it helps to do the things quick and direct

Well… The Read Range will work just fine for this, it should ignore all blank rows in the begining… But if the first rows are not blank, just format the actual data as a table and in Read Range use the table name as the Range.