Reading the data from excel

Hello alll,
how to read the column data , but the column name is number like 12…
and the data i want to read is present in 7 row…

please help me out with this…

Thanks and Regards

have you tried read cell/column

it wont work because my column name is number…any other way

screenshot of your data


Hi @parvati,

Is the value you are getting will always be there in column 12 and the rows start point, length, decimal and type rows will be constant i mean always these 4 will be there, if yes can you use read range and tell how many rows are there.


read cell will work for this. your excel is showing in R1C1, do some research on it to convert to the other cell reference style and use it in read cell

it is not working…

not an efficient way of doing if you only need a cell

If you doesn’t know how many rows are there, then how you will use read cell and give cell reference

unless i am reading his topic wrong. but didn’t he mention column = 12 and row = 7. ?

I think you didn’t read my post properly thats y i have asked first are these rows constant, so there should be generalized soulution which works in all scenario not a particular one.


Can you be more specific what you want to achieve and as garywjd91 mentioned if the rows are constant then you can use Read cell activity, were you able to resolve the issue.

I want to read the data of row 7…


Did you use read cell and were you able to get the value

In The Priority Pannel the is an out put the Filed

There you can create the DataTable by Pressing the Ctrl+K short key

Then the sheet is OutPut’s DataTable by the help of for each Row you can get the Data Where it is present in the column

The Syntax Like


use for 1 . For Each Row activity Pass the OutPut Resulted Table as Variable.

For item DataTableName
Message Box Activity: row.Item(Column_Number_That_You_Are Trying_To_Extract).To.String;

I Hope It Will Helpful