Get Data from excel sheet


I have an excel sheet as an attached image, I wanna to read the data the row that mentioned in the image, any help plz


In Read range use range as A5:Z100 - (Z100- till which cell you have data)


Use read range activity and in range text box give ‘A4’, it will read from A4 cell considering first row containing ID,Name,… as header.

thanks for reply ,but if it be random such as the row that i want get the data be ‘A5’ or ‘A6’,or may be i next sheets can be in ‘A1’ ,
that i want to say is that i want search for ‘ID’ and start after it .
tanks again for all efforts .

Hi @moha_attia

As you told you want to search for id first and after searching the Id you should be retrieving the index of id , for example in your case 4 and use the index of ID and use in read range activity as A+index

So you can get the index , first use read range and read the complete Excel file and use for each row and create a output variable for for each as intindex.

Use an if condition and use row(0).tostring.contains(“ID”)
If the above condition is true, the intindex counter will have value as 3 as datatable index starts from 0 and when the above condition is true break the loop using break activity.

Now you know the index from where ID starts, so you use read range and pass the range as “A”+(intindex+2).tostring

Refer the below workflow, i have created a sample excel sheet where ID starts from any random row.
Input - Sheet1
Output - Sheet2

Sequence4.xaml (9.9 KB)

Reading.xlsx (8.7 KB)

Another way to do it other than the way anil5 mentioned is as follows:

  1. Read entire excel sheet and save as datatable
  2. Find the index of the ID column
  3. Convert the datatable to ienumerable(Datarows) and use the .skip() method
  4. Add the ienumerable(DataRows) you took to a new datatable