Read row by row and give input to multiple fields in an SAP application


Excel file contains input of SAP application, 10 rows and 5 columns.
I need to read each row(each row having 5 cells) and give in put to 5 different fields in SAP application.

I used read range activity and stored in a data table. Then I used for each row activity to iterate each instance in that data table. After that used Type Into activity and indicate the field where I need to give the input in that SAP application, also give the input as row(0).Tostring. So it will give the very first cell value from that excel. Like this how can I give input to the remaining 4 fields from that excel. Also this should be repeat since 10 rows are there in the excel.

Can anyone please help me.


Hi @shajanjose

instead use Read cell activity, take values cell by cell from excel and place in SAP application using type into activity.

thank you.

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Use row.item(0).tostring to get the value in 1st row 1st column.
Then row.item(1).tostring to get the value in 1st row 2nd column. This wise you can get the all values in 5 columns. In 2nd iteration the row will change to 2nd row

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Instead of each row better use practice is go with an index and use the code as dt.row(index).Item(0) and increment the index value to go with next row

can you post an example of how to use index, that could be helpful for better understanding? which activity we need to use to give this condition, dt.row(index).Item(0).