Copy Data from a each cell from column one by one and paste it on the Web

I have an Excel file with a single column which consists of different order numbers, i need to open a website , login and pick the order number from excel file and enter in the website, do some clicks, type into and save.
This process needs to be done for every order number from the column.
I have tried using For each row but its not working,
Need help?
Thanks in Advance:)

can you explain a little, as what is not working either fetching of data from excel or not able to type the data into website ?

Hi @Sanket_Adhyapak,

1 - Use excel activity and Read Range Activity to create your datatable,
2 - Use For each row
3- inside for each row use row(0).tostring to read every cell from you collumn AX to Ay
4 - Use navigat to to go to you desired webpage in what your will insert the order number

Fetching data from excel, i used read range, then for each row but i am getting this error

1- done
2- done
3- done
But getting error

Hi again,

Do you have all this inside you open browser activity ?

Do you have any cell empty if yes you mst create a if like:

Do nothing
Perform your activities

And afeter navigate to use attach browser if the browser is not the same.

Bu jujing by the erros one of your cell is empy

Yes, all inside the Open browser activity, there are no empty cells

Hi, can you show a print do your workflow ?

A segunda, 7/10/2019, 13:11, Sanket Adhyapak via UiPath Community Forum escreveu:

is your excel data column A ?

And do you have headers(column names)?

Yes, single column with Header


test this use a write line so teste if you realy geting data:

ThenLet me now insite you navigate to you have a Link or a string ?

Is is a string use another write Line and see in the output if you can see your link

Thanks , i Got it, i had made a mistake while defining variables in the read range, now its working fine,
Do you know how we can scroll down, its not working with Send HotKey, PageDown or end

Usualy if you have the right selector you dont need to scroll down uipath will find the selector, or you are sending the hotkey to the rong window

I Got this solution as well now i am able to scroll, one more query, im not able to click OK for the google crome pop up, and if i Hit Enter using HotKey, it keeps populating,