Need guidance to build my first automation project

In order to build my first automation, I am trying to read each column activity in excel and try to find each cell value excel and then find its position on an SAP screen in order to perform a click.In order to do this, I am trying to assign the read column output as a variable and then use it in for each loop, but the issues I am facing are-

  1. the output variable in read column is IEnumerable which I am not able to convert
  2. Difficulty to figure how to make UIpath read the value output and search it on SAP screen.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Buddy @shay

Welcome to uipath community buddy
Thats a good question to start with
kindly find the below activities that could help you buddy

  1. Use excel application scope to open the excel and pass he input as file path of the excel
  2. Use read range activity to read the data inside the excel and use it inside the excel application scope, pass input as sheetname, and range “” and get the output named out_dt which is of type datatable
  3. Once after this use a for each row loop to iterate through each row by row and use a assign activity like this buddy
    outcellvalue = row(0).ToString
    where outcellvalue is the variable that stores each cell value row by row in column 1 which is here mentiond as 0, as the column index usually starts at 0
    like wise you can take any column you want to iterate through each row by row @shay
    either by mentioning the column index or even columnname buddy like this
    outcellvalue = row(“columnname”).ToString
  4. once you find this you can go to SAP buddy and use click activity and type into activity with the above variable as input that would enter the data to the respective fields buddy

Thats all buddy you are done

Kindly try this and let know buddy
this can be easily resolved buddy @shay

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use read range activity and then you have a data table in memory through which you can access those values.

YourDataTable(RowCount)(ColCount).ToString and assign it to a variable.

Secondly, unless I can see the SAP application it would be difficult to speculate what issues you are facing…

Can you elaborate?

Regards :slight_smile:

Did that work buddy @shay

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