Extract from Excel to SAP more columns that are visible in SAP

Hello, i need to add rows from excel to SAP in TCode LI11N (inventory), but, the rows number empty in SAP depend from monitor to monitor size, and, after paste the data we need to press enter and page down button. i can make with fix value copy from Excel to SAP but how can i make all Excel rows at once? Is possible?



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Use Read Range activity to Read the Excel file and declare a variable to output
You can use ForEach Row activity to loop into the excel
You can place type Into inside the For Each row activity and use row(“ColumnName”).ToString

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  1. Use Read Range activity to read the data from excel file and it will give output as DataTable. Let’s say ‘InputDT’.

  2. And then use Output DataTable activity to convert DataTable into String.

  3. And then use Type Into activity and indicate that first Text field of the table where you want to type the text and pass above output string value to it.

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Thks for help, but my problem is how can “count” the rows that i have in SAP to past from EXCEL, for example, in my monitor appear 18 rows, in my colleague monitor he have 16 rows, so, not working for everyone.

For the Loop “FOR EACH ROW” the monitor resolution does not matter, as you entering all data from Excel to SAP. SAP will scroll automatically with more and more rows

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Are you saying that if you do not press the PgDown key the values won’t get populated?

That doesn’t seems to be possible, even though the rows are not visible in screen, the robot does add the content.

Also if you are having this issue, you may add the data in smaller blocks and have hotkey command “PgDown”, this can be achieved using for each data row loop with additional step inside to create blocks of few rows and pasting at once.

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