Read Excel data and populate it in webpage

I have an excelsheet containing mutiple rows and i want to read each row data and fill all the data one by one into web page.Web page contains specific textfields to fill the excell cell data

3 Columm with header and 3 rows containing data
header1 header2 header3
abc xyz city
def lmn city3
ser pqm city1

So all this data of column1 column2 and column3 needs to be populated on webpage containing textfields.
Please Help.

@indra please help


                   1) Use Excel application scope
                   2) Inside excel application use read range
                   3) Use open browser
                   4) use for each row
                   5) inside for each row use get row item
                   6) use type into activity and pass get row item variable

Step4 will be after step 3??

@somya177 No if you use open browser inside for each means than it wiill open number of times it iterates

Refer below link