Re Framework - writing an excel file when process Throws Error

So i want to update an excel sheet with some of the transaction data coming from the queue when process throw an error, (Business error or exception) .

The best place i found was in the catch area of Try catch for Process


But i am not sure if this is the right place, what if the excel activities throw an error , what will happen to the transaction status or BOT ?

Any one have an answer ?

If the exception happens while processing a queue item, exception will be logged to the file, queue item status will be marked as “Failed”, however BOT will continue to process rest of the items in the queue.

Note: creating an exception log to an excel sheet is not the best approach… as it has dependency on Office and subsequent exceptions can happen at excel as you have anticipated. Ideally use a text file to log data and once the process is done you can convert to other formats without risking the business process execution.

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Hi @Jay_Chacko

Updating the status does not pause or stop the process, make sure excel is installed or use write range under workbook section so it may not need excel to be installed in the system.



Hi @Jay_Chacko ,

I will suggest you to put "Error File Update " in try catch and log message for it So if something went wrong in "Error File Update " the bot should not get faulted and go to the next transaction without ant interruption.


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