Match the data from excel file row and orchestrator Queue item

I am using RE Framework in my project. I have excel file input. In my process I will get the Status for each input. For example, If there is ID field in my Excel file then I will get the Access No. as my output to that particular ID. I want to write that in my excel file.

In case of system exception, the failed item will processed again after all items being worked from queue. Then that failure will write after all items status in my excel file. How to do that? Where to write these things in RE framework ? Plz guide me as I am very new to this UiPath


Please use set transaction xaml for these updates…

So that is where queue items are updated…at the same time You can update the excel rows as well…to find the required row…use find/replace which gives required cell value


Hi Anil,
i am updating the excel file inside the Process itself where I get the output. For happy path it works fine. Only issue is when the Queue retries…


You can check the reqtry count in the exception block and if the retry number is greater than maximum
Only then update the status else do not update status.

Transactionitem.retryno will give the retry number

Store the max retry count in asset or as it would be constant can give the value directly

Compare them in if condition and then proceed accordingly

Hope this helps


I gave 2 retry for queue. When for the first time item got fail then it write FAIL in front of the ID in excel file. but after all items processed from Queue that item will get retried, Then the status FAIL is below all items in excel file…

I want that status to get overwrite on previous

Thanks for this.

Should I use this inside the SET Transaction >> System Exception


You can use it either in set transaction status or in the exception block of process xaml…both ahould work


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