How to retrieve the queues status and get it into the excel and that updated status of the queues into excel?

I need the status of the queues by

  • If the status is success means update the “Success” on the excel
    update “Fail”…

can any one help me please


Welcome back to the community!.

Do you have excel populated with Queue data?

If you are using Re Framework, in the SetTransactionStaus.xaml, inside the success flow you can update the excel as “Success” against the key column value.

The sameway for Business exceptions and System exceptions also in that flow you can update the status in the excel.

In my work flow ,i am having excel and one web application
retrieve the invoice number(column name) from excel into application and it should be store and retrieve from the Queues on that transaction status of the queue can be updated in the excel (column name -publish status)
this is my requirement @Sarathi

In my excel, i have a status column which has new values.i will filter status column with new values and i will add it to queue.
But when i processing my first transaction which is of new status .if i get any error while processing,i have to update the error message in comments coulmn in the excel. Which is the reliable way to do it… Any suggestions @Palaniyappan @loginerror @Raghavendraprasad
And iam using reframework dispatcher n performer model.