Updating excel reframework

In my excel, i have a status column which has new values.i will filter status column with new values and i will add it to queue.
But when i processing my first transaction which is of new status .if i get any error while processing,i have to update the error message in comments coulmn in the excel. Which is the reliable way to do it… Any suggestions
And iam using reframework dispatcher n performer model.
@Palaniyappan @vvaidya

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Hi @Satish_Ch

one thing to know, do u need to add the comment column even when the there is no error?

No @NIVED_NAMBIAR. The main problem here is i am filtering the values before uploading to queue that means status column doesnt have values for some records.
So i feel we cant use index number /transaction number to write into any particular cell in set transaction xaml.

Yeah this should be fine but at the same time make sure you are updating the relevant queue item with a transaction status using Set Transaction status activity

And while we are trying to go for next run make sure the one which got failed is reconsidered

Also use reference for each queue item which will help you avoid duplicate records in queue item

Cheers @Satish_Ch


Well since it’s is queue right

If one is failed it would be retried again

So at that time we had to consider that as well

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