Creating Excel Audit log in REFramework


I am using REFramework and need to know how and which part of the REFramework can I create an excel spreadsheet with the following output: 1. successful process; 2. business exception; 3. system exception. Can I make use of the logs within the queue?



You should initialize your logs datatable in the init state, then in the process state, specifically in the finally of the try catch, you will write your excel file with the type of the state thrown from process workflow

Hope this helps


Hi @fernando_zuluaga - I have moved my data table initialisation in the initialisation stage and had the writing of the excel audit report in the finally of the End Process step.

How can you create a report though grabbing things from the queue?

In the process state, in the finally field of the try catch

you should add it as datarow, then in the end state write that dt into your excel

{TransactionItem.SpecificContent("yourKey"), TransactionItem.SpecificContent("yourKey")}


Will this even the statuses of each transaction?

you can add a flag within the settransactionStatus workflow, so it a exception is thrown you can add the message and the type of exception, if none of the exceptions ocurrs, just add a message that log as successful