Re Framework not incrementing the transaction ID

Hi, I have to use the transaction number in the process sequence. So I imported the transaction number from the main sequence and added it to the process sequence argument. But still the transaction number is not incrementing.

Screenshot (25)

Screenshot (26)
Main.xaml (71.4 KB)

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Hey @manojj.yadav

It will get incremented in the Set Transaction Status workflow

You are trying to write it in Excel & do you have n number of transactions to process ?


I have checked your workflow. You need to change the direction to β€œIn” instead of β€œOut”.

Yes, I am trying to write into the excel file.

Currencydemo.xlsx (10.2 KB)

It only writes in the first cell, the second cell will be empty.

It is β€œIN” only, I have also shared the screen shots above. please look.

it was showing blank for In_TransactionNumber

you need to pass in transactionNumber

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Thanks, It worked.

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