ReFramework - incrementing transaction number

Hi, I am using ReFramework for a process which loops through rows in an Excel file. Where is the best place in the framework to increment the transaction number with condition if there are still rows left in the file?

The activity for incrementing the Transaction Number is already located at the SetTransactionStatus.xaml. :slight_smile:



Thanks, how do I set the condition to not increment if there are no more rows and finish the workflow?

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The REFramework is already doing that :slight_smile:


Where do I find the part of the workflow which does this?

Read the doc in the REFramework

in get transaction workflow

I inserted a screenshot above :slight_smile:
So in the Get Transaction Data State, go to “Transition(s)” that is located in the bottom part.
Click the Process Transaction link.
Then you will be redirected to Process Transaction State.
You will find an invoked workflow file of SetTransactionStatus in the “Finally” part of the Try Catch :slight_smile:

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How does it work - does it generate a business rule exception if it cannot find any more rows and if it exceeds the max number of retries it stops the workflow?

At first, I was also having a hard time learning the REFramework.
Then I just kept on reviewing Level 3 Training as well as referring to this document: REFramework documentation.pdf (507.8 KB)

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