Re Frameowrk: Transaction number is not incrementing

I am trying to put my project into reframework, I fould that the transaction number is not incrementing.

Below is my set transaction status file. My transaction item is Datatable

Request to helpSetTransactionStatus.xaml (57.9 KB)

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Hi @rameshgp43.
The xaml file looks fine.

Where could be the possible mistake…I am sure that the transaction number is not incrementing

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Can you please send the zipped folder?

I am unable to (100.8 KB)

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Okay. I already found the problem :slight_smile:

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What is it?

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Please go to Main > General Business Process > Get Transaction Data.
Then click the Process Transaction Link:
Then expand the Finally of the Process Transaction to locate the Invoked SetTransactionStatus xaml.
Click the Import arguments and add values.

Please let me know if this works.
Thanks and regards :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot man…IT WORKED!!!:grinning:.

And by the way, Do we need to set this everytime or it got missed by chance?

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It should be set by default.
Please mark my answer as the solution bro. Thank you :slight_smile:


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