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How to increment TransactionNumber in Process Transaction State. I want to increment TransactionNumber to pass the Incremented TransactionNumber for the Index of excel file.
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Not sure I understood it correctly but, transaction number is a variable that can be simply increased incremented using assign activity.

If you are doing this change in transaction number just to create a reference for excel then take the value of transaction number variable in a temp variable in Process Transaction state and use the temp variable in excel indexing. This way you preserve the original transaction number that cns be in sequence, as it should be.

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If you are working on REFRAMEWORK then it have that feature implemented already to increase the transaction number in set transaction workflow.

Check out this video for your reference.

Thank you for your reply @rahulsharma@Vajrang
actually am requirement is sending the data from input excelfile to queue and then perform calculations and the sending the result to input excel file. here is the sample output


for that i need to increment the transaction to write cell activity…

thank you @ermanoj3101 for your reply… actually, i am working with queues… i need to send result to set transaction state and then the result has to update in the input excel file. for that i need to increment the transaction number…

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If this is the case then I will suggest you to add row number of excel with other columns value during “add to queue” item.

Now when you retrieve the item from queue it will have row number that you can get from specific content and then you can pass it to write cell activity to update the value.

Now if you use this approach you don’t have to worry about transaction number.

Hope you get this.


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