Trasaction ID and Number

1)Can Any one help me to know te difference between Transaction Id and Transaction Number?
And when it is used.
2)How to increment the count in Process?

Hi @jyothi_M.B

Hi transaction I’d is used to get the Id of the work items and transaction number is used to increment the pagenumbers

Check this


@jyothi_M.B @AshwinS2 Well as far as I have understood :sweat_smile:
Transaction ID is an unique ID given to the Transaction that arrives so that Each time a new Transaction item is given a new Transaction ID to distinguish it from others.

Transaction Number can be used as an incrementer so that we can take the next transaction item into account

But the usage differs for different kinds of Applications :sweat_smile:

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That’s correct @supermanPunch and adding to your point

Transaction Number increments on success or Business Error and
In Error state the Transaction Number remains the same depending on the number of retries you allow your process to do!!!

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Thanks for Reply,
But i need to Increment the cell value count, to update the output in Excel file