Re Framework config file outside package

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Just wanted to know is there any way I can keep the config file outside the package deployed in orchestrator.

Also if I make changes in config, will I have to again deploy the new package to orchestrator after making the changes in config file.


Yes, If you change anything in the config file then again you have to publish packge into orchestrator. Published package contains config file data, workflows and package and its version used in our process etc…


Thanks @lakshman

Isn’t there any other approach as in case every time when a password is changed or reset for any login we will have to publish it from studio and deploy on orchestrator.

@mohammedamaan, you can keep the config file at a network location and make sure that robot machine has access to the file. Once you do so, you would no need to re-publish the bot. you can just go and change the content in your config file and enjoy.


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Hello @mohammedamaan

Just like @vikaskulhari just mentioned, you have the config file in a network drive which can be shared among all the machines where robots are installed and running. This helps you to change the configurations without really deploying the program to orchestrator again and again.

Are you referring to password changes here? I’m not sure why you need to have the passwords in the config file. You can simply use a Orchestrator credential asset to store the password and refer it from the config file.

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I tried this on the same machine where I have only one BOT but it is taking the old value after changing it in config file.

Can you explain the scenario by using some screenshots so I can get a better idea?

Excellence is achieved through constant challenging and breaking off from your limitations. It isn’t taught or given; it begins within you. – @Lahiru.Fernando

I gave the full path of config file in Init all settings after that when I am changing data in config file it is not reflecting

Did you publish after changing the file path?

Yes I did. And after publishing i changed the value in config file to see if it is reflecting with new value but it is taking the same old value which was during publishing.

Is this the part that you changed?

Can you share a screenshot?


Thanks. It worked now. I had changed the path at wrong place.

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