Modify Config.xlsx file after publishing the Bot

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I’ve deployed a Bot on the Production Virtual Machine.
I use UiPath Robot Front-end to run it.

The Package contains a Congig.xlsx file with all the passwords necessary to login in the applications.
After clicking on the Download Icon available next to the Project Name under UiRobot popop(for every new version published for your project)., the project is actually not downloaded under the path where UiPath is Installed ‘…\UiPath\Projects’.

I’m using version 2018.1.
How is it possible?
How to get the folder of the Projects, where I can change the password in the Config file?

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If you upload into orchestrator server then you should be able to download unless you have a Orchestrator version and Agent in Machine version conflict. (Both should be same ideally)
Please check out in net45 folder after download to change your config file.

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Thenk you @rkelchuri.
I don’t have the orchestrator connected.
I don’t find the net45, seems not created.
Where can I find it?

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Cami :slight_smile:

R u using agent from system tray ?

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Yes, exactly. @rkelchuri.
Can you please help me?
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Ok now you have 2 ways to execute your scripts.

  1. Generate your .npkg file from publish and access it from system tray in the same machine.

  2. If your scripts are developed in different machine Connect to orchestrator in that development machine upload package into orchestrator server. open agent in different machine and connect to the same orchestrator with unique key generated by orchestrator. Then download package from orchestrator in the other machine once you connect.

Hope my inputs are useful.

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If it helps, when you publish a project it stores it locally in that user’s .nuget/packages folder (“C:\Users\<username>\.nuget\packages”). I am not sure though it updating this location updates the version that is uploaded to Orchestrator Robots - you would need to test.

Normally, however, you will manage a Config file in one of two ways:

  • Edit Config file in your original project folder, then “Publish” again to update file to Orchestrator
  • or use the “full filepath” to the Config file and share it (or the entire project folder) in a location that is accessible to both the Robots and those who need to manage the files. By using the “full filepath” to the Config allows you to update the file without needing to Publish again.



Thank you so much for your precious help @ClaytonM .
I succesfully found the file Config I was looking for, after publishing the bot.
Thank you,

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