Orchestrator robot does not use config'g paths


I just published and run a new version of an RPA using orchestrator. Config file includes all the paths updated, but during the RPA execution the files are not being stored in the right paths. All the files are being stored in the paths of previous version. I checked the config file and all the paths are updated, but the robot is not getting it.
(Paths do not include especial characters as ñ or ’ or blanck espaces)

Where can I change it? I do not know from what source the robot is taking the paths, but it is not from the config file.

Thank you

Hi @joseprzgonzalez

Have you update the package


Sure, I updated the package. Published the new one and run the new one.

There isn’t enough information to pinpoint what you need to change, but a couple pointers to look for.

  • Is the Configuration File stored in the Project Files or External?
  • Do you provide an Input Argument or Asset to point to the Location of the Configuration File?
  • Are you using Relative or Absolute paths to Point to the configuration file?
  • Are you using Relative or Absolute paths for the paths within the configuraton file?
  • Have you update the Process in Orchestrator to use the latest publish package?
  • Are you using any hardcoded values or default values within the Project/Workflow that might be be being set or overridden as you expect?

Based on the information the you have provided I would lean towards a reference is hardcoded to a specific path, You are not updating the correct copy of the configuration file, or the package has not been updated for the Process in Orchestrator.