Making the Config file used witin the REFramework available in the Orchestrator

I have been using the RE-Framework for a while now and I make effective use of the config file by storing all the configurable information in it.
Whilst using Assets is a possibility and is still the choice for storing credentials, I would prefer storing most of the other configurable parameters into the config file.
However, when there is a change to be made to the configuration in this file, the entire package has to be published again.
Will it be possible to make the config file available in the Orchestrator and tie it to the associated process , so that we don’t have to publish the entire package again just to make a config change?

so when you want to change the values that are present in the config file so add config file path in assets and place that config file in share path so that we can access easily and we can change values.

I like this idea actually. If there was a way you could have a Asset bulk or group with many values which you can manage and edit.

However, I suppose it it also preference whether you want to edit a large number of settings in a web application or if you want to edit them in Excel or Notepad.

In any case, as mentioned, if you place the Config in a centralized location which the robot has access to, then you can just use the full filepath, and a change will not require a publish for the update to take effect. On the other hand, do you really want to do this? because changes to settings would not have any control or version management.

  • it would apply to all processes using the centralized file, right? Which would not necesarily be a good thing.

It would be one file per process.
As @ClaytonM mentioned an Asset bulk would be beneficial.
Good catch on the version management @ClaytonM

I see how deploying the Config files to a shared drive can help make it more flexible to use. But what happens to the Config file when it’s inside the project folder and the project is packaged and deployed to the orchestrator? Where is the Config file physically located in the Orch?

Managing one file per RPA process was really not manageable at my place of work. I built a new template to manage all of our config settings in a centralized database. It comes packaged with a simple MS Access Database, but has the ability to use the Config excel or hook up to a remote database. You can check it out below. I have thus far created 3 PoCs and all of them work well. And I can configure my project settings for different projects at one single location.