After I update my configs data ( in config.xslx ) my Robot keep using the old configs

Hello Devos,

My issue is as following:

  • In nomale case, when I have a process that already deployed, when I change something in config file ( config.xlsx ), Robot automaticly works with the new configs, But in my case when I change something in config file ( config.xlsx ), Robot keeps using the old configs until I go to Studio and publish the robot again after making changes in config file, and this is absolutely wrong !!!
  • I am working with version 2021.10.5

Thanks in advance.

is your config file in the uipath project folder?

Hi @Dev_Devo ,

Is the Config file in the Project Folder ? Or is it a Folder Outside the Project Folder and the Path is Configurable as required ?


May I know where you are trying to update the config file ?

You should be update the details in the below path of the respective project.


In the default path

In the default path.

Yes, In the default path.

if its in the project folder e.g. in Data\Config, note that after you publish it, it will read config from this path

It is in the default path.

That means If i change the config file path, the issue will be fixed, right?

yes, if you want you can change to path outside the project folder e.g. in c: . But make sure its an absolute path
e.g. C:\Data\Config.xlsx

and not a relative path like data\Config.xlsx or else robot will look in the .nuget folder again

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Yes it will be fixed.

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Since the machine you used to develop the process and after development the machine Robot is using to execute the job are different.

When you publish packages onto cloud (orchestrator), whatever the files available in your project folder will get updated. So it is better to update config sheet and upload the process.

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