Re frame work Queue

Hi All , is it necessary to create queue while building code in re frame work .(i want to do simple addition in excel )

Hi @Damodara_Rao_Punugubati

Using QueueItem is not mandatory in REFramework, you can refer to below steps to use DataRow instead of QueueItem.
1.Change TransactionItem’s type to DataRow, and update relevant arguments’ type accordingly.
2.Write a new get transaction item logic in GetTransactionData.xaml.
3.Retain or delete queue related source.

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HI wusiyangjia , thanks for your answer , im new to Uipath how i can assign data to DataRow , where i need to read the data (init section or get transaction section)

Hi @Damodara_Rao_Punugubati

1.Get a DataTable: read range from an Excel sheet or use Build DataTable activity.
2.Add a DataRow into a DataTable: use Add Data Row activity
3.Remove a DataRow from a DataTable: use Remove Data Row activity
4.Get a DataRow: DataTable.Rows(row index)
5.Change a data in DataRow: DataRow(column name or index) = value


Is this answer in the GetTransactionData.xaml.?

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Where do I need to use this steps? get transaction?
I need to “get IMAP mail messages” processed without Queue


Hi ,
I did changes from queue item to and relevant arguments too.
dont know y still i m facing Object not set to instance of an object.
Thank u