RE Framework , GettingTranactionData activity issue

I am trying to build Loan processing Automation using RE framework and for that i am fetching data through Excel as datable and i am not using queueitem still i am getting out_transactionitem as queue and i want to change it to DataRow. Please help me out.

Hi Manish,

You can follow this thread: There is a xaml also attached which you can directly use:

How to use reframework for datatable workflow - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum


workflow like:

  1. First change all the queue data type variables to the required data type.(Eg. Datarow)
  2. Remove “Get transaction item” activity from the “Get Transaction Data.xaml”
  3. Remove/Change the “Set transaction status” activity from Success,BE,SE sequences in the “Set transaction status.xaml”

I hope these changes are enough to remove orchestrator/queue dependency from REF.

UiPathinas, Please add if any further points/changes are required. :sweat_smile:

P.S. Add the required logic in the “Get Transaction Data.xaml”
Eg: If you are working with Excel/DataTables the use of this expression in “If condition”
in_TransactionNumber < io_TransactionData.Rows.Count

Further watch this video to solve your problem:


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You have to change the datatype of transactionitem in all the xamls to datarow and also in get transaction data you have to remove get transaction item activity and use a if condition to get each row from the datatable…I hope you read the data into Transactiondata datatable variable…if so the condition can be as below

In_TransactionNumber <= Io_Transactiondata.RowCount

On then side use out_TransactionItem = dt_TransactionData.Rows(in_TransactionNumber-1)

On else side use assign with out_TransactionItem = Nothing