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Hi there,
I’ve worked on a project that I need to get Data from a website and write it down to my local excel file. Then through using this file as a data table for each row, I have to manipulate the data and process them on specific tasks.

Could you please explain me clearly, how can i use transaction item, transaction number and transaction data in the framework? Should i use as a queueitem or datarow? Which one is best practice and why?

I’m really confused when to use queue?

Thanks in advance.


  • Queue concept will come in picture when you’ve to deal with Orchestrator.
  • If you want the robot to pick the data from orchestrator, then you need to use Queue concepts.
  • In Get Transaction data, Get Transaction Item activity will retrieve the data from the orchestrator queue one by one and goes further to Process Transaction state for processing the data.
  • Transaction Data is your entire data like Data table, Transaction item is each single row of data it fetched from orchestrator and transaction number is individual number from the count of all transactions like if you’ve 10 transactions to be process, Processing transaction number 1,2,3 and so on…

You don’t need to use queue concept. You can comment that section in your framework and make necessary changes as per your scenario.

Let us know incase of any further queries.

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Thank you so much.

But as I understand, it is possible to create same automation through queueitem or datarow. Is it right?


Yes, you’re right. If orchestrator is required in your usecase, go for queues else directly from the available input data.

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